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Carriage Pinstriping Now Becomes The Leading Vehicle Pinstriping Service Provider In Texas

Dallas, TX (October 19, 2017) - While Car owners from Dallas or the surrounding areas, seeks for a vehicle repair & restoration or a Vehcile Pinstriping Dalls TX service provider, they prioritize to deal with Carriage Pinstriping. Offering the similar scopes of services since 1991, this provider has got a formidable track record for extending such services that address the customer’s need and produces 100% satisfaction.

In case the Custom Hand Painted Stripes Dallas TX is executed in the right style, the car appears appealing and attractive. Combining trade expertise with the utmost creativity, Carriage Pinstriping, ensures that they are extending the most delightful services to the car owners. For the entire span of 25 years in service offering, they have been consistent with their performance and quality of services. Hence, as on date, they are the most coveted provider, offering the similar scopes of services in this area.  

With a thorough knowledge on the Auto Pinstriping Dallas TX, this provider now enjoys the reputation for offering high quality addendums as well as door and body molding. Thus, joining hands with this provider, vehicle owners get a plethora of services, related to Auto Pinstriping Dallas TX. Carriage Pinstriping is offering 100% handcrafted and personalized Pinstriping that meets the expectation of the Vehicle Owners. Hence, they love to avail the Hand painted Fort Worth TX from this provider  that resembles high aesthetic as well as flawless perfection, offering the customers the sweetest  value in return for their money.

 “We are running our company with a professional approach and we are having a sound service framework, enabling us to provide the best services. We are having our units in San Antonio & Austin, as well as in the DWF area. We are having a team of experienced and expert technicians. Our company employs the cutting-edge methodologies that produces services, generating 100% customer satisfaction”, stated the spokesperson.

About Carriage Pinstriping:
Carriage Pinstriping is offering services of car Pinstriping, as well as the repairing and restoration services for the personal and commercial vehicles.

To know more, visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-20 08:49)

Tags: Custom Hand Painted Stripes Dallas TX

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Get Me Experts Will Participate & Exhibit Their “On-Demand Experts” Model At The HR Summit & Expo, #HRSE

17th October 2017 - Get Me Experts acts as an interface for companies to find the experts in various areas of business management. Using this global platform, companies can find the experts for assignments like short-term projects, advisory services, as well as for handing the market research intelligence for investments.

If a business has to taste success in today’s highly competitive times, it has to function with the utmost efficiency and accuracy. This is where they need the association with the subject matter experts. However, finding such reliable and trustworthy Consultant is not a matter of a Cakewalk. This service provider emerges into the scene in this context to simplify the hassles in this regard. It acts as a global platform for companies to find the most expert and experienced professionals who can handle their assignments in various areas of business operations. Thus, it will be right to say that the services of this provider enable businesses to find the masters in business management and thus, induce more efficiency in their business process.

Get Me Experts has announced its participation at the HR Summit & Expo (#HRSE), scheduled to be held in Dubai between 6th and 8th November 2017. There, this start-up will be exhibiting its unique “On-demand Expert Model” that will enable other participants to explore how they can benefit from the services and solutions of Get Me Experts.

“We are delighted to announce our participation in the HR Summit and EXPO and exhibiting our On-demand expert model. This is a niche service that has enabled businesses around the world to induce more efficiency into their business process. We are being an optimist that this event will enable us to reach out to the widest base of companies from round the world and they can get to know about the benefits of partnering with us”, stated the spokesperson.

About Get Me Experts:
Get Me Experts is a global platform to find expert consultants in various areas of business process for advisory services, short term deployment as well as for market research assignments for investments. To know more, visit

Media Contact:
Ajay Sharma
CEO / Founder, Get Me Experts
Phone no: +91-9811411434


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-20 08:00)

Tags: Consultant

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Shenyang East Chemical Science-Tech Ranks High In Offering Finest Chemical Products for Various Industries

Shenyang, China October 18, 2017 - Shenyang East Chemical Science-Tech Co., Ltd. is a well known company in China known for supplying a wide range of fine chemical products and services. The company specializes in pharmaceutical industries and electronics as well as other chemical-related industries. Some of the most widely circulated products that are offered by Shenyang East Chemical Science-Tech Co., Ltd. include BDO derivatives and cosmetics solvents. The firm mainly deals with BDO and its various derivatives, such as NMP, GBL and THF, the functional optical resin materials, fine chemical intermediates and different types of other notable environment-friendly organic solvents. These special solvents are also useful for different types of core processes in various industries.

Shenyang East Chemical Science-Tech Co., Ltd. is also a proud developer of top of the line organic intermediates that are useful in many ways. The company offers enhanced chemicals synthesis services to customers along with complete customization and support. From the very beginning, the company has focused on the electronics industry (production of LCD, IC, Lithium-ion batteries and various insulating materials), daily chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, painting materials, agrochem, printing inks and pigments industries and used its rich depth of professional knowledge to improve their prospects. The Shenyang East Chemical Science-Tech Co., Ltd. has also carried out in-depth research to produce the best grease material.  

About Shenyang East Chemical Science-Tech Co. Ltd:
Shenyang East Chemical Science-Tech Co., Ltd is a leading producer of different types of chemical products that are used in varying industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics and painting. All of their products have been met with widespread positive reviews.   

To know more about Shenyang East Chemical Science-Tech Co., Ltd., visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-19 11:29)

Tags: organic intermediates

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Grobman Introduces New Range of Solar Toys

Ningbo, China, October 18, 2017 - Adding another exceptional range of toys in its already large collection, Grobman introduced an exclusive range of solar toys. The company is a well-renowned manufacturer and exporter on the global scene with distribution reach spanning across North America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and South America.

“We’ve always strived to be at the top of our game,” said a senior executive at Grobman. “While we already had a nice range of solar toys, the latest range is something exceptional. You can feel the difference. These designer toy cars are 100 percent solar energy powered. They are stronger and they run much faster,” he added.

Grobman is one of the leading toys designers, manufacturers and exporters in the world, also offering a wide range of other products under single roof, including gadgets, gifts and promotional items. Packing a strong team of 50 employees, the company leverage advanced technology and creative ideas in its cutting-edge infrastructure to offer products of the highest quality.

The latest range solar toys at Grobman include a variety of vehicles, including Lamborghini, muscle car and monster truck. Crafted uniquely with a fresh feel, these toys come in many colors and designs to adequately woo the little ones. To that, sturdy in construction, they guarantee to last long and deliver buyers optimum value for their money.

“This isn’t the end. We’re continuously expanding our collection that already includes a massive range of pet toys, plush toys, novelty toys and wallet tool” said the director of sales team at Grobman. “In fact, the way I see it, we’re just getting started on the global scene,” he added.

About Grobman:
Grobman is a foremost manufacturer and exporter of toys, gadgets, gifts, promotional items and a host of other products. Founded back in 2012, the company now touts a reach in many continents, including North America and Australia. It employs over 50 professionals, boasting annual sales of $2,000,000.

To know more, click


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-19 11:00)

Tags: pet toys plush toys novelty toys

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Dongguan Chaoqian Packaging Material Factory Offers Top Quality Thermal Transfer Film Products

Houjie Town, Dongguan City, October 18, 2017 - Dongguan Chaoqian Packaging Material Factory is a company based in China that specializes in the research and development, manufacturing as well as sales and supply of different types of thermal transfer packaging and printing materials. Ever since the company was created, the team of experts working with Dongguan Chaoqian Packaging Material Factory specialized in the manufacturing and production of different types of heat transfer films and thermal transfer printing mold release films. The PET Heat Transfer Film and thermal transfer film products that are offered by Dongguan Chaoqian Packaging Material Factory are approved for the market only after a series of stringent quality and performance tests. This makes them perfectly suitable for various functions and production processes.

By making use of advanced production equipments such as coating production lines, material slitting, computer-controlled coating machines, composites and sliced machines, the professionals at Dongguan Chaoqian Packaging Material Factory can deliver state of the art products each and every time. This helps to ensure that the PET film sheet and the polyester sheet products offered by the company are some of the best in the industry. The company has been operating in the thermal transfer field for many years and they have effectively combined innovation and intricate research to create world class products. Some of the international countries that regularly serve as clients of Dongguan Chaoqian Packaging Material Factory and use their PET film products include USA, Mexico, Holland, UK, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  

About Dongguan Chaoqian Packaging Material Factory:
Dongguan Chaoqian Packaging Material Factory is the leading producer of top end heat transfer films and thermal transfer printing molds for local and international markets.  

To know more about Dongguan Chaoqian Packaging Material Factory, visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-19 07:52)

Tags: PET Heat Transfer Film thermal transfer film

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Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery Offers the Best Quality Block Machine Units in Asia

Fujian, China, October 18, 2017 - Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery CO., LTD. is a reputed designer and manufacturer of block machine units in China. The company has been operating for more than 20 years and in all this time they have truly perfected the art of manufacturing AAC block production line with high precision. Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery CO., LTD. specializes in making use of high and advanced technology in order to create blocks that perfectly match the requirements of the customers or the end users. The block making machines that are designed and developed by Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery CO., LTD. are truly some of the best in the industry. It is therefore hardly surprising that the company regularly exports its products to various international countries such as America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Apart from offering the finest quality block making machines in Asia, Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery CO., LTD. also specializes at presenting a range of other products such as concrete batching plant, waste treatment equipment and roof tile forming machine, each of which is extremely useful in its own way. In fact, the company has an extensive clientele of more than 8000 clients in more than 108 countries from all parts of the world. This certainly bears testament to the working efficiency offered by Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery CO., LTD. and the level of quality that the firm always maintains in manufacturing each of its products.
About Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery CO. LTD:
Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery CO., LTD. is a well known developer of block making machines in China whose products are used by hundreds of clients in all parts of the world.

To learn more about Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery CO., LTD., visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-19 07:25)

Tags: concrete batching plant waste treatment equipment

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FERA Launches On Indiegogo

The FERA INDIEGOGO Campaign was created because founder Jacquelyn Turner-Haury wanted to spread awareness about this powerful and potent nutritional superfood, Moringa that changed her life. At the age of 15, she was diagnosed with Crohn's, an autoimmune disease. It was an incredibly difficult time in her life yet a profound experience. She struggled with a dependency on steroids for about a year to alleviate her chronic inflammation.

Thankfully she found a holistic approach to heal her symptoms. With her mother's dedicated help she shifted her lifestyle and started a strict nutrient dense diet including Moringa, soon realizing the importance and power of food and nutrition for healing. Through FERA Jacquelyn strive's to help others who are trying to improve their health and relieve inflammation.

FERA VITALITY is a water soluble superfood blend that contains Moringa and two other powerful adaptogens Ashwagandha and Rhodiola that help us stay energized and sharp. Moringa is on the rise as the next plant-based superfood trend as it is naturally rich in protein, iron, calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants, and provides a complete protein with all nine essential amino acids. Adaptogens are special herbs that strengthen and stabilize the body while also providing stamina and stress relief. The Vitality blend will enhance focus with less stress, improve memory and help concentration, and stimulate sexual prowess.  

You can help fund this campaign and be the FIRST to try FERA VITALITY by clicking the link here.


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-19 06:44)


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Technologies Hive Becomes Top Name in Offering Professional Penetration Testing Security Consultancy Services

October 18, 2017 - Technologies Hive, a provider of information-based security solutions to private and public sector agencies, has become a top provider of professional penetrationtesting security consultancy services. The company has also offered services to U.S. Government Agency.

Its Government project was a long term fare, and included Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment of external and internal infrastructure and Security Operational Center organization with security consultation for possible improvements in security as well as assistance with staff training and security policy. The company also assisted in getting SANS certificates for security awareness for every employee and in the integration of Identity and Access Security Management Service.

Technologies Hive has been offering high-end and streamlined solutions to organizations by preparing PCI DSS audit armed with pentesting services and professional security scans. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is necessary to protect a costomer’s payment card data so that it is not mis-utilised by hackers. Penetration testing and information security services are ion high demand and this top-rated company has been delivering the needs of clients, seamlessly.

Technologies Hive found out and took care of more than 100 important vulnerabilities during Penetration testing and VA execution. The company also created special courses for security training of staffs for customers, and boost their knowledge in Information Security.

Technologies Hive has customers from the U.S, Europe and various other continents and countries. The company takes pride in completing 100% of its projects, with 75% of customers coming from the US alone and swearing by the effectiveness of its services. Other than penetration tests, the company has proficient staffs who are experts in mobile software development services for Windows, Android, iOS and various other platforms that are ruling the mobile industry.

The company also offers HIPAA compliance services, and has expertise in healthcare IT infrastructure security improvement. It also assists commercial and financial organizations for making more secure infrastructure, and saving more money and time. Technologies Hive can help customers in preparing for auditing. It also helps customers with critical APIs, online wallets, online banking and Payment Gateways, and in everything associated to the security of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

In the last few years, Technologies Hive has satisfied thousands of customers from across the globe and from different sectors. It offers highly adaptable and technologically attractive solutions that can improve data security for customers and help them rest assured about the confidentiality of their business. In the Internet Age, data security has become a major issue and the experienced professionals at Technologies Hive can offer hassle-free services that can cover all the informational security needs of clients. The company is intent on making business environments safer when it comes to information, and is constantly using newer technologies to drive growth in data security.  

About Technologies Hive:
Technologies Hive is a company focused on providing customers with the best information security solutions, such as Mobile Security, Billing Security, PCI DSS and HIPAA. It has satisfied clients across the globe.

For further information and enquiries, please visit

Media Contact:
Technologies Hive
Phone no: +1 (214) 560-0791


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-19 05:59)


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DreamTech Inspection Now Becomes The Top Provider Of Home Inspection Harris County TX Services

Houston, TX (October 17, 2017) – Having a legacy of 25 years in the construction business and an impressive track record in providing Home inspection Harris County TX, it is DreamTech which is the most coveted Home Inspection Houston TX agency, in and around Houston.

Considered the Best Home Inspector Houston TX, this provider is dedicated to offering the best-in-class services to its clients.

It will be especially relevant to state that the inspectors are flexible enough in scheduling the inspection visits as per a convenient time of the property owners. They refrain from asking any irrelevant questions to the property owners and complete the process with a flawless perfection, within as little time as possible. In case discrepancies are noted, these professionals will help the property owners to achieve 100% compliance. Blending Professional expertise with a friendly gesture, these inspectors extends all the cooperation to the property owners, as and how needed. Hence, availing the Home inspection service Cypress Tx from this provider, clients always make the finest experience, in addition to getting the best grade services.

As the most eminent Home inspection company Houston TX Company, DREAMTECH adopts the modern technology. In addition, this provider has got a team of qualified and experienced inspectors to offer the most fascinating services to its customers. As for the scopes of services, this provider caters to the entire of Texas.

“We have made the process of Home inspection service Spring TX, a hassle-free task and our aim is to offer an effective help to our clients to achieve 100% compliance with the building laws. Our clients get the inspection reports on the same day and it is served online. Our service fees are within the modest range and hence, property owners never find it difficult to afford our services. As on date, we are a Townhouse inspection Houston Tx Company with an almost 100% rate of customer satisfaction”, the spokesperson said.

About DreamTech Inspection LLC:
DreamTech Inspection, LLC offers property inspection services, catering to Houston and the surrounding areas.

For more information, please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-18 10:45)

Tags: Home Inspector Houston TX

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Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas is one of the Top Business Strategist in United Arab Emirates

Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas is become one of the top Business Strategists in United Arab Emirates. Following the implementation of some of his very successful business strategies in Al Badie Group of Companies (ABG), where he now works as the COO, Yaseen Al Kamas is now being recognized as one of the best business strategy developers in UAE.

Dr. Yaseen has an experience of over 23 years in creating and applying business strategies, and his work in the Al Badie Group of Companies or ABG, owned by the Al Badie family, has helped him move to the top bracket. Presently, he is into managing many complex and diverse projects.

The successful business strategies of Dr. Yaseen have propelled ABG to further growth. An out and out professional, he focuses on complicated projects and loves to bring them to fruition. His inter-cultural experience allows him to identify opportunities easily and conveniently integrate as well as apply different business approaches.

His professional skill and training in planning, investment analysis, strategy execution and decision making capabilities are second to none, which shows why he has been chosen as the COO at the Al Badie Group (ABG) of companies, one of the top organizations in the UAE. ABG is run by thorough professionals, who receive the able guidance and advices of Dr. Yaseen.

Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas is an expert in business strategy development, as well as in Business Planning, Project Planning, Operations Management, Mergers Negotiation, Management Consulting, and many other aspects. He is able to deal with any type of challenges in the organization.

About Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas:
Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas works at Al Badie Group of Companies as its COO, and is a master business strategist. In the past two decades, he has used his skills to manage projects of varying levels of complexities with complete success.

For more details and further enquiries, please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-17 14:48)

Tags: Yaseen Al Kamas

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