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Bridesmaidrobes Offers the Best Collection of Bachelorette Party Sashes for Brides to Be

Canada (July 21, 2017) - Bachelorette sashes can make the bachelorette party the most memorable for brides to be. Apart from sashes, the bridesmaidrobes also offers different bachelorette party accessories through

Robes are excellent choices for brides and also for bridesmaids when they are getting ready for the wedding. This store deals with floral robes with attractive floral designs that can be bought from The satin bridesmaid robes will bring an excellent feel for bridesmaids when they start getting ready for the wedding of their friend. Brides can also choose floral bridesmaid robes for their friends.

The huge collection of dressing gowns at and also the bridesmaid robes will truly enthrall not just the bride, but also her maids. Satin is a material that adds attractiveness and charm to any woman and this is why the store has a huge collection of satin plain robes for women to choose from.

About Bridesmaidrobes:
Irrespective of whether a bride looks for the best satin robes for herself or for her friends or for a floral girl at her wedding, she will find a huge collection at This online store has a huge collection of robes to choose from. The bride can pamper herself with a deserving robe that will keep her wedding dress safe when preparing herself for the great moment.

For more information please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-22 10:58)

Tags: satin robes satin plain robes

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Adult Day Care Franchises making Life Easier for the Elderly Community in America

Tampa, FL (July 20, 2017) - Nursing homes provide elderly people with the chance to live independently, and these are getting increasingly popular across America. Adult day care franchises use innovative techniques to make life easier for older people, and help them enjoy utmost attention and care without even leaving their own homes.

Located in Georgia, CareMinders Home Care, Inc has become one of the best home-care service providers in America. It has become one of the top day care providers in the U.S, and it is a favorite among seniors intending to get the best from their old age. It was set up in 2004, and it provides the senior community with first-class, exclusive services. It operates across 64 different areas throughout America.

Brightstar Healthcare is one of the oldest adult care franchises in America. It was set up in 2002 and it operates from more than 250 locations. The franchise has a growth of around 9% every year.

Always Best Care was established in 1996, although it started its franchise operations only in 2006. It operates in more than 200 locations and has a steady 6% growth rate. Its care services are impressive in quality.

Senior Helpers has become popular with families due to its superior senior care services. It works in more than 250 locations.

Americare Alliance is another top provider of home care services in America. Since it was set up in 2003, the home health care agency has grown to operate in 28 locations across the country.

About Commonwealth Development, LLC:
Commonwealth Development, LLC, based in Tampa, FL, is a privately held company that was set up in 2004. Commonwealth Development, is serious about profitable real estate acquisitions and  development focusing on retail “shadow-anchored” opportunities and a “mixed use” approach for larger projects, including health care development.

For further information, visit  

Commonwealth Development, LLC
3905 Tampa Road #2412
Oldsmar, Fl 34677
Phone no: 813-901-0140
Email id:


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-22 08:06)

Tags: Commonwealth Development

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Rodger Oakes Launches Lil' Piggies Card Games & Invites People for Naming the Game Characters

Columbus, OH (July 21, 2017) - Rodger Oakes has posted a project inviting people for naming the game characters for this newly designed game Lil’ Piggies. This is a math and strategy-based game that will help kids of more than 5 years to learn addition and they will also have to employ some strategies to play and win the game. This game can be played by two to four players at a time.

Rodger Oakes, a math teacher started designing the Lil Piggies with the tears of his first-grade child, who had difficulty with math tests at the school. So, he along with his wife turned a standard deck of cards and developed the Lil’ Piggies. His five-year-old son, who started playing this game quickly, started adding.

The game has one bad wizard, 2 heroic huntsmen, 3 evil wolves and 10 little piggies. Rodger Oakes invites people to name these characters. He will be releasing four cards for naming each week and participants can name the four cards. He wants the name to be original without any copyright infringement.

About Lil' Piggies:
The creator of this game Rodger Oakes is not just a math teacher, but he is also an avid Frisbee player. He is also a coach and tournament organizer.

For more information please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-22 06:28)

Tags: Lil Piggies

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K3S Expands Its Reach with a New Stream

Marietta, GA (July 21, 2017) - King III Solutions, Inc. (K3S), a leading provider of inventory replenishment solutions has expanded its operations with the addition of the Andalusia Distributing Company in its range. This move which has been welcomed by many industry watchers has seen K3S entrench its place as a leading brand.

Andalusia is a full-line convenience store distributor located in Andalusia, Alabama. With this new development, K3S-Replenish has further proven to be a household name based on the number of wholesale distributors that use it to manage their inventory.

The Director of Purchasing and Computer Operations at Andalusia Distributing Company, Billy Jones, stated that - “K3S has a tremendous reputation among distributors not only for their software, but also for their outstanding service and support.  Their new pricing model makes it much easier for us to take advantage of their program.”

Since opening its doors in 1990, K3S has worked with wholesale distributors to develop and deploy effective inventory replenishment solutions.  

The Executive Vice President of K3S, King Harrison IV said - “We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Andalusia Distributing to the K3S family. They have tremendous presence and reputation in the industry, and we’re really looking forward to working with Billy and his team.”

K3S-Replenish gives distributors and retailers the tools they need to manage their inventory. This includes: accurate demand and lead-time forecasts, smarter ordering patterns, and automated forward buys. The software currently services distributors throughout North America and the Caribbean.

About K3S Inc:
K3S is a leading provider of advanced purchasing and replenishment solutions. Founded in 1990; it continues to create new tools and techniques to assist companies in better inventory management. For more information about K3S, visit

Media Contact:
Name: Dan Kiefer
Phone Number: (877)275-1305 Ext 503


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-22 05:54)

Tags: inventory replenishment solutions

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Elite Limo Service Pembroke Pines Offers Highest Level of Comfort during Travel

Elite Limo Service Pembroke Pines is Limo service provider in Florida which is most trusted one. It allows maximum comfort, convenience and service at genuine and authentic price with various prices and different models. Whether a person has to stay at night, have go to special event, trip in city or afternoon meeting with any client, this company always stays ready for fulfilling all needs of customers and serve with most luxurious limos.

It offers limos rental at reasonable price and transportation services that includes airport limo service, wedding limo service, bachelor and bachelorette party limo service as well as local limo service. It provides its clients luxury cars at reasonable price with latest models of limousines, sedans, completely loaded luxury vans and more.

People can celebrate and enjoy their day with limo services provided by this company. This company understand client’s requirements and work hard to provide unique packages as well as options that are particularly tailored for fulfilling requirements of customers. Elite Limo Service Pembroke Pines strives to fulfil all transportation needs of customers.

There are several limo service providers in local region but this company gives some genuine reasons to people to hire it. This limo service in Miami is fully licensed and insured. This company has complete and modern fleet which involves stretch limousines, luxury sedans, executive SUVs, SUV limousines and many more. It guarantees reliable and genuine service from the best Limousine fleet in Florida. Staff of this company immediately gives response to customer in a single call. This cheap limo service Miami offers premium quality limo service which fulfils the party limo transportation, wedding limo transportation and other transportation requirements. It takes customers to their destination in comfortable style. This company recruits only skilled and trained chauffeur which makes journey of people quite safe and sound.

About Elite Limo Service Pembroke Pines:
Elite Limo Service Pembroke Pines is most reliable Limo service in Florida. It provides maximum convenience to customers during their journey at affordable price. It hires only skilled trained workers who truly understand the actual needs of customers.

To know more, visit

Contact Media:
Luis Alvarez
Phone: (954)280-1112
Address: 8403 Pines Blvd#1022
Pembroke Pines FL 33024


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-22 04:59)

Tags: Elite Limo Service Pembroke Pines

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A New Scottish Office Opened By Federal Management, UK Debt Recovery & Legal Services

Lancashire, United Kingdom (July 19, 2017) - Federal Management is a UK-based debt recovery and legal service. The company proudly opens their new Scottish Office in Western Scotland. The company feels that the investment in a new office in Scotland will aid with present Scottish Business and Debt Recovery operations.

The company says “It underlines our ambitions for a continued growth within the UK and reaffirms our pole position as the UK’s leading debt collection agency”.

The new office was opened recently under the leadership of Marc Curtis-Smith, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Federal Management.

The company already works with companies in Scotland and they will also be creating potential employment opportunities in the coming months with the establishment of this new office.

Basically, the new operation will provide support to Scottish companies in the collection of unpaid invoices that they own to English companies and vice versa.

About Federal Management:
Federal Management was established in the year 2004 and the FCA regulated company holds the pride of being one of the leading commercial debt collection agencies. The company has an excellent reputation for delivery of highly professional service at affordable cost to their clients.

For more details, please visit

Federal Management - Scotland Office
Albany Chambers
Albany Street
Argyll, Scotland
PA34 4AL
Tel: 0333 420 4420


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-22 04:08)

Tags: Federal Management

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Yiwu Shuangxin Trading Co. Ltd. - One of the Leading Global Perfume Manufacturers

Yiwu Shuangxin Trading Co. Ltd is a trading company that owes its own factory named as Yiwu Jinghui cosmetic Co. Ltd. It is basically a perfume company which is specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing, marketing as well as serving. This company was established in year 2004 and currently it is one of the biggest manufacturing base in whole Asia as it covers around 95000 square meters after removal are the end of year 2011.

Yiwu Shuangxin Trading Company Ltd is based on Zhejiang, China. It is specialized in production of perfumes (male perfume, ladies perfume, perfume sets), laptop backpack and paper bag. Its main market exists in South America, America and Africa. Brand name of this company is CXY. Currently it has around fifty employees working in it. Its annual sales are $50, 00,000.

Yiwu Shuangxin Trading Co Ltd is mainly a professional team of marketing of products from making design artwork to track order with factory, booking container and good service for customers. There are around more than three hundred workers and six perfumes producing lines along with capability of 1, 50,000 pieces per day.

The company at present owes four popular perfume brands-Gussi and Texill. These are international brands that are being sold to more than one hundred countries and have achieved good reputation for their excellent quality as well as innovative designs. It also offers good OEM/ODM services with R&D capability at five hundred items per year on an average. There are few popular OEM partners such as Dinsy, SJP, FILA, Claire’s and Primark and many others.

About Yiwu Shuangxin Trading Co. Ltd:
Yiwu Shuangxin Trading Co. Ltd is a trading company that is specialized in manufacturing of perfume, laptop backpack and paper bags. This company was established in year 2004 and is based on Zhejiang, China. Main market of this company is present in South America, Africa and America.

To know more, visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-22 03:20)

Tags: male perfume ladies perfume perfume sets

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Jiangyin Sinoprime Optical Industry Co. Ltd Is Emerging As Leader in Optical Components Industry

Jiangyin Sinoprime Optical Industry Co. Ltd is company established in year 2000 and is engaged in business of optical components. It is based on Jiangsu, China. It has global main market. This enterprise is high tech and carries R&D, manufacturing, technical advice and service. This company is mainly involved in three areas- surveying products, high-precision optical components, optical fabrication and optical coating. Brand name of this company is Sinoprime Optical.

The surveying products involves surveying of accessories like mini prism, tribrach and adapter prism set, 360° reflector, prism pole and tripod etc. It also involves surveying of instruments like total station, automatic level, electronic theodolite, optical parallel plate micrometer etc.

The high-precision optical components usually contain optical prisms series (Corner cube, Right angle prisms, Dove prisms, Dichroic prisms, Surveying prism etc), optical lenses (Positive Meniscus Spherical lens, Bi-convex Spherical lens, Plano-convex Spherical lens, Plano-concave lens, Aspherical mirror etc.), optical windows (Reflective prism, filter, Wave plate etc.) and crystal processing (sapphire plate, Silicon mirror, Germanium reflector etc.)  

This company has created advanced optical coating as well as testing equipment for producing high-end optical coating products (e.g. dichroic coating, highly reflecting coating, UV reflective film, Anti-laser film, infrared antireflection coating and transparency conductive film).

At present, this company has about five hundred dealers and its products are being exported to countries like Europe, America, Russia, Japan, the Middle East, Africa and few other areas. It has worldwide sales network and technology support that provide customers efficient value-added services. This company emphasizes on continuous innovation of technology and manufacturing processes while offering customers sophisticated techniques as well as products with great performance. This company always struggle to build up world class optical manufacturing centre.

About Jiangyin Sinoprime Optical Industry Co. Ltd:
Jiangyin Sinoprime Optical Industry Co. Ltd is company involved in business of optical components which was established in year 2000 and is based on Jiangsu, China. It has its main market spread at global level. It is mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing, technical advice and offering services.

To know more, visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-22 02:51)

Tags: optical prisms optical lenses optical windows

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Christian Brothers Roofing LLC Offers the Best Kansas City Roof Installation Service

Parkville (July 20, 2017) - Christian Brothers Roofing LLC is a roofing company and they serve the metro region of Kansas City and they function as a faith-based service. Those looking for Kansas City Roof Installation can get help from this professional Kansas City Roofing Company.

D. Scott Horstmann is the owner of this company. The services of this company include not just residential and commercial roofing, but they are also experts in guttering. With more than 53 years of experience combines in all areas of guttering and residential roofing in Kansas City Area, this company can also fix Kansas City Roof Leaks in a professional manner.

Regardless of whether a homeowner looks for Kansas City Metal roof or tile roof, he/she can contact this company for the best quality roofing solutions. The company also arranges for finances to help their customers get the best roofing installation within their budget.

About Christian Brothers Roofing LLC:
Right from their incorporation, Christian Brothers Roofing LLC has been operating based on Biblical Principles. The company strongly believes in treating their customers in the right manner. They also state that they pray God to bless their relationships with their customers, suppliers, and associates.

For more details, please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-21 12:26)

Tags: Kansas City Roof Installation Kansas City Area

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Dream Tech Inspection LLC Becomes One of the Top Home Inspection Services Providers in TX

Before the purchase of a residential or commercial property, it is important to carry out a proper home inspection that evaluates its strengths and weaknesses, and attempts to find out possible flaws. Dream Tech Inspection LLC is a first-rate Home inspection company Tomball TX Company that has become one of the top home inspection services providers in Texas.

The Home inspection Stafford TX Company has more than 25 years of relevant experience and provides clients with friendly and professional home inspection services. Clients can easily find out whether the property they are interested in has been involved in any legal disputes. A legitimate home inspection report is prepared in an easily readable format.

The home inspector from Dream Tech Inspection LLC offers detailed and high-quality inspection for new residential or commercial properties at a low cost. Clients can be assured of punctual services and inspection of every possible corner of a property to save them from huge losses. It has one of the top ten home inspectors in the area.

The professionals associated with the Home inspection company Spring TX can inspect various areas, which include garage door, foundation, floors, electrical, ducts & vents, drainage, doors, ceilings, attic and appliance. Special techniques are used for saving unnecessary expenditure in the future on the repairing of properties.

Other than home inspection, Dream Tech Inspection LLC also specializes in various other areas such as Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical (HVAC) and Structural. It serves Houston and the adjoining areas in Texas.

About Dream Tech Inspection LLC:
Based in Texas, Dream Tech Inspection LLC is a high-quality Home inspection Spring TX Agency that has been serving local clients for more than 25 years. With John Cameron, a certified and competent inspector, the company offers cost-effective, timely services backed by quality customer support.

For more information and enquiries, visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-21 11:47)

Tags: Home inspection company Tomball TX Home inspection Stafford TX

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