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Andy Met Ali Launches Discreet Eco Reusable Nursing Pads Made of Bamboo Rayon

Plano, TX (August 03, 2017) - To meet the needs of breastfeeding moms in the best manner, Andy Met Ali launches their first Eco Reusable nursing pads at Amazon. Of course, there are many nursing pads in the market, but this product is different and it is special in a number of ways to help nursing women to be eco-friendly, and at the same time feel good about their looks.

“This product comes as a game-changer for those moms who feel self-conscious when using nursing pads.  Our washable nursing pads differentiate from other products in the market through its perfect combination of discreet size, optimal thickness, and neutral colors offering,” said Dini, founder of Andy Met Ali and experienced breastfeeding mother.  

In general, washable nursing pads measure 4.3 inches. The problem is that when using these pads, nursing moms cannot go for low-cut costumes as the pads will be visible. One of the special features of the washable nursing pads launched by Andy Met Ali is that the pack comes with 8 pads, which measure 3.9 inches each. This means that they do not show up even when a mom goes for a low neck cut shirt, yet their size is enough to cover the entire aurola even for large-breasted women.

In addition, these pads are not thick like the competitor products available in the market. This means that even when a nursing mom wears a thin shirt, it will be hardly visible.  “The pads are made of a very soft material, I can't even remember I'm wearing them. They are pretty thin, discreet even with a thin bra,” said Debora, a satisfied customer.  Furthermore, the nursing pads come in neutral colors that blend rightly with the color of their clothes.

This product also comes with some attractive extras like laundry bag, a baby washcloth and a discreet carry bag, also perfect for working moms who have spiritedly continued breastfeeding. To avoid stains in cloth, this product comes with leak-proof fabric. The bamboo layer makes the product soft for moms with sensitive breasts or sore nipples, and the absorbent nature also helps moms stay dry and clean.

About Andy Met Ali:
Andy met Ali is a brand created by a caring mom, Dini, with the intention of encouraging nursing moms in their breastfeeding journey all around.

For more details, please visit

Andy Met Ali


Post by alex0621 (2017-08-04 04:00)

Tags: Eco Reusable nursing pads washable nursing pads

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