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Award Winning Indie Film Beer & Seed available on

November 02, 2016 - Those who want to re-live their college days, chuckle at the banters that they used to have with their professors or the wry humorous scenes, witticism with fellow students which they used to engage in, has a lot to take back with them after watching this dark comedy, Beer & Seed. It is the story of an veteran student, named Bill, played by the ace Bill Cox who decides to return to college to give it a shot as the second chance in life. The story unravels the goods and vices of college life pop up, the nuances of campus life, the things with which young, rebellious minds get carried away and much more. It is inclusive of the hit comedy “I Love the Fat Chicks”.
The way the director has explored the several aspects of the story, the tussle between the two generations, how matured students and the fresh-from-school lot mix together, with the hiccups as well as the rosy side, brings in the much needed humor, tension and more- making life the perfect slice of reality that most of us has experience during our college days. People can connect to this movie as identifying with the characters and very much be a part of the campus life. Though it is a small budget, low-key affair, the characters of Beer & Seed are neatly sketched and great performances have been offered by Andrew Peacock, Ryan Sawyer and entire cast of Beer & Seed . The script has received accolades from audience and critics alike, while the comic timings have been pitch-perfect.

About Beer & Seed
Beer & Seed has been nominated for “Best Indie Feature 2012” by C-47 Magazine (Houston). It is a dark comedy highlighting the pros and cons of campus life and how two generations can be at loggerheads and at the same time gel together. The gritty realism is moving in this film. It is available in Amazon for buying as well as rent option to satiate the movie buffs.

To know more, check out

Beer & Seed – Trailer (animated)

Beer & Seed Rental Link


Post by alex0621 (2016-11-02 12:19)

Tags: Beer & Seed

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