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Beardaments Beard Ornaments Are Decorating Beards across the County This Christmas Season

Murray, UT (November 09, 2016) – The holiday season is quick approaching with the smell of gingerbread in the air and Grandma perfecting her Christmas eggnog recipe.  People are getting ready for their annual Christmas parties and buying ugly sweater and Christmas hats.  What about the bearded individual this time of year?  Have no fear; Beardaments is here to make sure you can also season up your beard this holiday season without burning a hole in your pocket.

With Beardaments, you can get your beard excited for the upcoming holiday season. Beardaments offers 12-pack of original Beardaments with attached clips for maximum beard attachment. A 12-pack includes two gold, two silver, four green and four red Beardaments. Beard Ornaments are sure to be a hit at any party. Make your friends jealous, you're sure to be on Santa's good list with Beardaments in your beard. Beard ornaments are a fun gift to make sure that your beard is not jealous of your Christmas sweater.

Beardaments are great for: lumberjacks, Grizzly Adams, fishermen, Abraham Lincoln, bearded ladies, pets, thickets of chest hair and anyone else proud of their facial hair!

About Beardaments
Beardaments is an online retailer offering Beard Ornaments (and soon Beard Glitter.)  With thousands sold across the world, Beardaments is the premier provider of decorative beard products to Season Up Your Beard this Christmas season.

To know more, click

Beardaments, LLC
Jason McOmber
549 E Virginia Street
Murray, UT 84107


Post by alex0621 (2016-11-09 16:26)

Tags: ugly sweater

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