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Demiana Esposito's Tour Stops in Bordentown NJ on 26th August to Donate Proceeds for a Good Cause

Bordentown, NJ (August 10, 2017) - Demiana Esposito’s tour stops in Bordentown NJ at the Open Arts PAC and the proceeds of the show will move for the treatment of the one-year old cancer-fighting girl. The tickets for the show that is going to be conducted on the 26th of August can be obtained from EventBrite at the cost of $10 per ticket.

The cancer patient is the daughter of fellow NJ recording Artist Gio Perez and the child’s name is Aaliyah. The little girl is diagnosed with leukemia and Demiana Esposito wanted to help the child after viewing a post made by her father recently on IG that featured a song written for his little girl.

The show on the 26th of August will feature Gio Perez, The Forest View Movement, and Chervice. Demiana has also shared that she expects a couple of guest appearances as well on the night. She has expressed that “The ticket proceeds will go to the family of Gio Perez to help with medical expenses”.

About Demiana Esposito:
Demiana Esposito is a 15-year old Drum Squad Records Recording Artist. She has stated that cancer is a horrible disease that can affect any age, gender, and race.

For more information please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-08-11 06:54)

Tags: Demiana Esposito

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