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Freelance Journalist & Recording Artist Zion Antoni Comes Out with Latest Single FRUIT: THE OFFSHOOT

Bronx, NY, (November 19, 2016) - Freelance journalist and independent recording artist from Bronx, NY, Zion Antoni, has come out with his new single “Fruit: The Offshoot”. The single has released in independent record pools, and it has also been displayed in NY radio formats.

This is the promotional single for the album that has released on Nov 16 in Independent Record Pools in the last quarter of 2016. According to Zion, the release of Fruit is timely, as it talks about the outcome or fruit of success that every hard worker wants to see.

As founder and chairman of The Urban Cry LLC, a company that is as much as into freelance journalism as independent music recording, Zion Antoni is passionate about writing and music. He aims to combine these for education, and for social reformation. His music always talks about political issues, incarceration, social problems and other key issues plaguing the world.

Solidarity and Diplomacy, according to Zion’s own words, are the two pillars of his company. Through his writing and music, Zion aims to bring reformation in a world that is torn by conflict and war. Within the last 3 years, his company has left an impression of uniqueness and raw purpose. The voice of Zion is distinct and original, and differs in all markets and record pools.

The single, just like many other songs from the artist, talks about grass root matters and further establishes Antoni as a Renaissance man who believes in social reform.

About The Urban Cry LLC
The Urban Cry LLC is a limited liability firm founded by freelance journalist Zion Antoni from Bronx, NY. This is an independent record company and freelance journalism agency. The company serves the inner cities of the U.S, and also reaches overseas areas in relation to international diplomacy.

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Contact Person: Zion Antoni
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Post by alex0621 (2016-11-20 10:29)

Tags: zion antoni the urban cry llc horus music group sekou think tank

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