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Glenn Maynard Seeks Kickstarter Funding For Promotion of the Desert Son Trilogy

March 09, 2017: Glenn Maynard is an author with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from University of Connecticut as well as a degree in Communications. He has already written a number of titles, including the book Strapped into an American Dream and The Desert Son Trilogy titles Desert Son and Wayward Soul. Spiritual Intervention completes the series. The Desert Son Trilogy deals with the paranormal romance between the central characters Carter Spence and Brenda Raycroft where they constantly deal with the spiritual world in different walks of life and have their lives impacted in strange, uncertain ways.

As an ardent writer of fiction books, Glenn Maynard has packed plenty of cliffhanging moments and surprising twists and turns that is going to keep even the most experienced readers guessing. It is due to factors such as these that the previous two books of The Desert Son Trilogy have been well received by readers and there is now a strong market demand for the final book of the series.

Currently the author Glenn Maynard is seeking additional funds for supporting a Kickstarter campaign with the sole aim of promoting this trilogy. The new series has enough thrilling elements that will certainly appeal to a wider section of readers and with the help of this fundraising campaign, it will be possible for the author to make sure that these books reach the maximum number of readers in all parts of the world.    
About The Desert Son Trilogy
The Desert Son Trilogy is a paranormal romance book series that has been written by Glenn Maynard. The series has already garnered widespread acclaim for its gripping storyline.

To learn more about The Desert Son Trilogy, visit



Glenn Maynard

Post by alex0621 (2017-03-09 11:57)

Tags: Desert Son Trilogy

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