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Interplanetary Transport and Interplanetary Internet for Space Exploration

The Interplanetary Transport project aims at creating a new transport network system for the earth and space which is going to transform the future of all space exploration missions. The Interplanetary Internet project, main information portal and community network was founded by Oliver Caplikas, the founder of Satellite Apps Network and Change Games Entertainment. The projects developing and reporting about space network and transport systems, but also other interesting concepts and technologies.

The future of space transportation depends on the development of new transport spaceship models, reusable launch vehicles, spaceship designs, advanced system engineering methods as well as vehicle design processes. The scope of space travel is going to be further enhanced by in-depth study and research work on various planetary and space science fields such as astronomy, astrophysics, thermodynamics, high tech materials, nano structures, aerospace engineering, flight mechanics, propulsion, space architecture, space computer systems, avionics and control systems.

One of the ways in which space travel can be accomplished is by making use of the ITN or the Interplanetary Transport Network, a cluster of numerous gravitationally determined pathways that are scattered through the whole Solar System which require almost little to no energy for any kind of object to follow. Interplanetary Transport Network makes use of the Lagrange points from where the trajectories through the space are redirected by very little or no amount of energy. An interesting point about these points is that they allow objects to move into an orbit around them even though there is no object to orbit around. Although these points use very little amount of energy, they can certainly take a lot of time to complete the transport. Large structures can be used as spaceships which can make use of the Earth’s gravitational field as this can reduce the overall velocity a space vehicle is required to provide. This is a field where the Interplanetary Transport project develops concepts to recycle and to reuse old satellites and other structures could be useful as platform or material in space.

While in the past most space exploration projects made use of chemical rockets, better structural materials, propulsion systems and lightweight components have been introduced over the last few decades that make space missions more effective. The goal of this project is therefore to design, develop as well as operate complete systems which can perform advanced functions associated with space exploration.

About Interplanetary Transport
Interplanetary Transport is a space research project that aims to create whole new space  networks, intelligent internet and transportation systems for the planet earth, humanity and space. Welcome to a new era of space travel !

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Post by alex0621 (2016-11-08 06:38)

Tags: space travel

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