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Laynee Presley Finally Accepted By the Presley Family and Estate

Houstonian, Sherry (July 19, 2017) - I am Sherryjane Cooke and I wish to introduce myself as the AXS Contributing Writer. Laynee Presley has been a hero for me. She loves her family gem, which is made more glorious by the perfect step cut. It looks like endless stairs to the depths of perfection. I was highly impressed when she refused to give up her birth right as the daughter of Elvis after an issue with the family.

But, now, she has been finally accepted by the Presley Family and Estate and I believe that God always accepts the reality and works to restore relationships. This is the reason why my hero has again become the part of the prestigious Presley Estate.

Even though, Graceland, which was the home of Elvis A. Presley, it is now a museum. The daughter of Elvis Presley is now accepted by her family. I felt her association with her father much and she is now an accepted and beloved member.

About Sherryjane Cooke:
I am an AXS contributing writer a part of the AEG Entertainment. I am a true fan of Laynee Presley, not just for her professional life, but also because of her personal life.

For more details, please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-21 03:42)

Tags: presley estate laynee presley presley

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