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LED Light Expert Comes With Complete LED Lighting Solutions for San Diego Residential Owners

San Diego, CA August 07, 2017 - LED light fixtures are increasingly been seen in homes. Energy-efficient, more illuminating and cost-effective in the long run, these lights have become the ‘new best friend’ of home owners. Based in San Diego, CA, LED Light Expert has become the top supplier of LED lights in the city. It has complete LED lighting solutions for residential owners in the city.

From high quality parking lot led retrofit and LED corn bulbs to retrofit kits, the store has a complete LED lighting product range that customers can choose from. The lights are available in diverse shapes and sizes, and can satisfy the needs of buyers who are not content with readymade offerings from LED light manufacturers.

Each light offers cleaner and brighter illumination and consumes a fraction of what regular incandescent or fluorescent lights consume. The lights come at an affordable cost and can be found in varying lumens, such as 14,400, 56,000 and 61,000 lumens. The lights offer more illumination and can make surrounding regions more prominent and brighter.

Buyers can get a wide variety of high bay lights, UFO light, flood light and other lighting solutions within their own budget and preferences. The lights are designed and constructed to last long, and keep on serving their purposes. Available with casings and designed to be weatherproof, these lights can withstand almost any type of climate.

The lights come in varied colors, and shine brighter than regular lights and bulbs. With improved efficiency and a longer lifespan, the lights can be a perfect fit for residential establishments. LED Light Expert is the number one choice of buyers for complete LED lighting solutions for every area of their residential establishments, such as kitchen, parking area, garden, living room and bathroom.

Each fixture is durable, and can serve buyers for a long time. Consumers love the promise of quality and durability from LED Light Expert, which is a major reason for the success of this store.

About LED Light Expert:
LED Light Expert is a top-notch online store dedicated to the sales of LED light bulbs, along with ceiling lights, solar lights, retail lights, shoebox lights, street lights, wall pack bulbs and more. It is headquartered in the beautiful Californian city of San Diego.

For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Rick Rodgers
Phone no: 858-215-1401


Post by alex0621 (2017-08-11 14:10)

Tags: parking lot lights high bay lights

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