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LED Light Expert Has Varied LED Light Solutions for Buyers

San Diego, CA August 07, 2017 - LED lighting solutions are growing in demand, and with good reasons. Online store LED Light Expert has the best LED lights on offer for its customers. Buyers can choose from a wide range of LED lamps, such as DLC lights, High Bay lights, Street Lights and LED Shoe Box Light.

There are high quality lights that can be used to replace standard fluorescent or incandescent that hog more electrical power but offer lower illumination. The LED lights from the store come with superior LED technology that can ensure more light and less energy consumption.

The lights are eco-friendly, energy-efficient and long-lasting in form and design. These are devoid of various toxic substances, such as mercury, which are known to contribute to global warming. Buyers can get cleaner and ‘greener’ light with these solutions, and avoid environmental pollution.

The lights are ideal to set up in homes, workspaces, farms, sports courts and more. With a horizontal installation, spaces can be illuminated more. These are available with longer warranty, and can put customers at ease. Buyers can get these lights in varying wattage, from 80 watts and up to 480 watts. The store offers LED corn bulbs and other lighting solutions with a high warranty.

In any case, the lights can run for a long time. Owners do not need to replace or change their present light fixtures or luminaires within a few months. Even if there is need for replacement or changing old fixtures, buyers can find high quality retrofit kits from LED Light Expert.

The lights from LED Light Expert are available in varying styles, designs, lumens and colors, and buyers can easily install them without any technical help. Customers can operate these for a long time, and do not have to worry about proper maintenance of the lights to keep them running. Due to the superior LED technology and proper design and construction, such types of lights can keep on running for a long time.

About LED Light Expert:
LED Light Expert is a top online store that sells a wide variety of lights, including LED lights such as LED Flood Lights, retrofits and street lights. Its lighting solutions are synonymous with reliability and high quality.

For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Rick Rodgers
Phone no: 858-215-1401


Post by alex0621 (2017-08-11 14:48)

Tags: LED basketball court lights tennis court lights

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