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Mobile Drugs Screen in Southern California Introduce the First Emotional Support Technician for Test

San Clemente, CA (November 05, 2016) - Mobile Drugs Screen, LLC, a drug testing company specializing in mobile drug collection services throughout Southern California, announced the introduction of a revolutionary service standard in the drug testing industry, when; “Maleny”, their new Emotional Service Animal recently became a four pawed member of the Mobile Drugs Screen family testing team.  

Upon introducing Maleny; Mobile Drugs Screen can be counted as the first drug testing company worldwide to provide Emotional Service Animal/s to offer such support in helping maintain a drug free environment both in the work place and private sector, as well as an ambassador in the community helping to educate against drug and alcohol abuse.

Since Maleny’s start date the last week of October, she has been trending with pronounced popularity on Mobile Drugs Screen’s social platforms of Facebook and Twitter; garnering 22,261 likes in relation to three posts pertaining to her introduction, and is credited with increasing the company’s Twitter following by an additional 6,500 followers.  

Maleny; adopted from a local animal rescue in Laguna Beach, California, spent the summer training prior to her inclusion onto the team, and it has proven to be an auspicious start, since she has already achieved a well booked schedule for the next several weeks with advanced booking requests flowing into the Mobile Drugs Screen Client Services Call Center.

Of Maleny’s almost instant success; Mobile Drug’s Screen, Director of Operations, Brad Smith said, “We have long recognized the potential benefits of allowing an ESA to accompany our Certified Test Technicians when they  visit our clients in helping to provide an enhanced sensitivity to the human welfare of our clients. Based on the trending response of Maleny’s introduction, we are already considering allowing members of the Mobile Drugs Screen family to include their own pets into our ESA program. We are a people business but it’s ok to have a little furry friend included throughout the process!”

To secure an appointment or to obtain further information with regard to Mobile Drugs Screen Testing Services; they may be reached at 1-800-615-5010. Maleny can be booked with any appointment based on her availability at ‘No Additional Cost’.

Mobile Drugs Screen, currently in their fifth year of business, is a family owned Southern California company, with Australian roots; serving clients from Santa Barbara to San Diego. They also serve the community by doing complimentary testing for homeless and abuse shelters and other charities who partner in assisting people to become free of drug addiction and alcohol dependency; reaching sobriety and achieving a return back into society. We expect our team to exhibit and include human decency and kindness.


Mobile Drugs Screen
Brad Smith
Cell: 949-374-6360


Post by alex0621 (2016-11-08 11:06)

Tags: Mobile Drugs Screen

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