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Multi-Talented Actor Dywayne Thomas Sets a New Standard in Hollywood

London, UK (January 08, 2017) - Becoming successful in Hollywood movies is a much sought after dream for many performers.  But, it takes extraordinary talent to make a big impression on the silver screen. Dywayne Thomas is narrowing the competition in film and the arts by bringing more than great acting skills to the casting room. His experience in martial arts, music and modeling add valuable versatility to his acting career.

Dywayne Thomas is one of those people who has covered a lot of ground in his life. The award-winning actor has a black belt in karate, impressive modeling and music credits, and a unique collection of skills that bring added depth and creative vision to the projects he works on.  

"You have to look at any project as an experience,” says Thomas. “Whether it is a good experience or a bad experience, you can learn from it and take that knowledge with you. That's the way I work. I look for ways I can apply what I already know to whatever I am doing.”

In that light, Thomas’ acting career is gaining ground. Thomas has had some memorable supporting roles in television and films including: Rise of the Footsoldier 3, The Children Act (starring Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci), and Hello Au Revoir which will be released later this year. He also plays a supporting part in the crime/horror project, Ted Bundy Had a Son.

Dywayne Thomas is also active with working behind the camera. He is an Associate Producer for the upcoming docudrama Banned, Exploited & Blacklisted: The Underground Work of Controversial Filmmaker Shane Ryan. The much anticipated film stars Bai Ling, Kathryn Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s daughter) and Jonah Hill.

When not working on acting, Dr. Thomas can be found practicing martial arts. As a Black Belt, he has won several national, English and British titles in Karate.

"Martial arts and acting dovetail neatly,” says Dywayne. “Martial arts requires immense self-discipline and control over the body. To be the best, you also have to learn to read other people. As an actor, these are critical skills. You have to read your fellow actors so you can react and act appropriately to enhance everyone's performance."

Thomas also has an impressive portfolio as a session musician and vocalist with bands, steel orchestras and carnival clubs including: Perpetual Beauty Carnival Association, Pantonic Steel Orchestra, Mangrove Steel Band, Eclipse Steel band, Parchmore Project Choir, One Voice Community Choir with The Voice UK star Bizzi Dixon and Black Theatre Co-operative with Felix Cross MBE.

Dywayne Thomas is a well-rounded actor capable of handling just about anything from being a bodyguard to producing and marketing albums for a band. To learn more about his work and achievements please visit

For film, television and production credits, please visit Thomas' Internet Movie Database (IMDb) page at:
About Dywayne Thomas:
Dywayne Thomas was born in London, England. He is an aspiring actor, classic model, media security advisor, martial artist and a lover of great movies. His interests include Photography, Heraldry and African Royalty, Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Acting, Media Production, Photography and Illustration.

Official IMDb website:
Official website:  
Facebook Fan Page:

Gemma Gurvitz (Director/Representative) of Talent Talks Ltd
Phone:  +44844 887 0610


Post by alex0621 (2017-01-09 13:16)

Tags: best actor 2017 special action actor classic model mature model

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