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My Name Necklace Captures The Essence Of Mothers’ Day In Personalized Necklaces

Fu Jian, China (March 18, 2017) – The 14th of May 2017 is expected to be a very special day for mothers all over the world, especially for those that will be receiving a parcel from My Name Necklace. An innovative fashion jewellery manufacturer located in China, My Name Necklace has introduced a treasure trove of unique jewelry collections that can make the most memorable mother’s day gifts that are worthy of being cherished for years to come.

Taking a quick look through the neat and comprehensive catalogue displayed in the official website of this company, attention to details and perfection in designing is amply obvious. From necklaces to bracelets, from earrings to pendants, the options brim with exclusivity and class from all angles. At this very moment, the company is experiencing an overwhelming surge of demand for some of the most popular options like the engraved Mom Birthstone Necklace, infinity necklace, baby feet necklace and many more for all the right reasons.

As has been specifically pointed out by a list of happy customers, it is worth coming back to this platform over and over again to shop from a refreshed list of classy trinkets that are worthy of being passed down as heirlooms through generations to come.

Besides its rather exemplary range of personalized engraved necklace and other jewelry options, My Name Necklace also focuses meticulously on the quality of materials, packaging and delivery across an inexhaustible list of locations around the world. Topped with competitive pricing of the products that are made even more affordable with discounts, this company is in the race to become the ultimate destination for mother’s day gift 2017 and beyond.

About My Name Necklace
 MY Name Necklace is a fashion jewelry manufacturer located in China that offers exemplary designs while maintaining simplicity in the pieces. The company presently ships internationally to many different locations around the world and counting.

To know more about My Name Necklace, the products and information on the process of ordering, please visit   

Fu Zhou Jin Yin Trading Co, Ltd
Fu Zhou, Fu Jian, China
Address: Fu Jian Province, Fu Zhou City,
Cang Shan District,
Min Jiang centry city carat apartment 2316
Contact Person: Erick Wen


Post by alex0621 (2017-03-20 03:29)

Tags: engraved necklace

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