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Operativ3 Mainly Targets To Offer High Quality Research Products at Unbeatable Prices

Operativ3 focusses on offering top quality Research Products to their Valued Research Community by working exceptionally hard. Customers can select from the highest quality research chemicals available via their website. Within the United States the Research Product market has seen a steep rise in the recent ten years and is still growing, which marks its growing popularity among consumers. But access to excellent quality Research Products is still quite limited. So Operativ3, LLC was created to make this accessibility much easier. They at Operativ3, LLC dedicate their precious resources and time to get clients the best Research Products available at the lowest cost possible. The Pure and Effective products are made with High Quality Ingredients and made scientifically, as is evident to customers who buy it.

One of the popular products manufactured by operativ3 lab is NeuroParticle Tub (scoop included). This smart drug contains the finest quality Nootropic ingredients and bioavailability boosters on the market. The Ingredient List comprises of ALPHA – GPC, aniracetam, dmae, nalt, l-theanine, noopept, pepper (black), pepper (cayenne), rhodiola rosa extract and methylcobalamin.

Another product created by operativ3 is the Sildenafil 25mg x 30ml glass bottle, it's a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. It works by relaxing and dilating the blood vessels. This product is for research or laboratory use only and should not be injected. This product must be used by qualified and licensed professionals. This is not a food or brain drug and should not be misbranded or mislabelled as one.

About operativ3:
Operativ3 focusses on offering top quality Research Products to their Valued Research Community at a very reasonable price. They also claim that the products manufactured by them should be used under professional supervision and should not be labelled as drug or food.

To find out more about visit

Company name: Operativ3, LLC
Owner Name: "DON'T INCLUDE"
Phone Number: 419-318-9771


Post by alex0621 (2017-01-29 11:39)

Tags: lab supplies high quality ingredients operativ3 brain drug smart drug

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