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Optimal Shop Limited Showcases A Sophisticated 5-Minute Wooden Sand Timer For Sale On Amazon

Florence, NJ, US (20 March, 2017) - Optimal Shop Limited has introduced its newest gift item, the new five minute Wooden Frame Sand Hourglass, a perfect gift for every occasion. It comes with blue sand and an old fashioned sand clock. The sand clock is an old method used in ancient times, but now it has been refashioned as an ornament for home and kitchen décor.


This hourglass can be placed in the study or even used to exercise perseverance and patience. It has been made from the finest quality colored sand and glass and comes in a size of about 9 cm x 5 cm approximately.


This Wood Sand Timer is ideal for games, exercising, and cooking in time or even as a gift. It could be the best choice of gift for weddings, birthdays, father’s days and mother’s days. It could also be given as a Thanksgiving Day gift, children’s day, teacher’s day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other such special occasions. This Hourglass Sand Timer adds as a wonderful decoration for both office and home. The craftsmanship of this Wooden Time shower is fine, simple and modern. It is suitable for all places and can be kept anywhere in a room. This sand timer is a particular time deviation with a creative and unique shape. It enhances the personal aesthetic beauty of the place and can be gifted to anyone. Easy to ship and pay, this timer is a perfect buy for all age groups.


To know more about this visit the official page for further information.



Company Name:Optimal Shop Limited company

City, State, Country: Florence, NJ,US

Address: 309 Cedar Lane

Contact Person:Sunny


Post by alex0621 (2017-03-21 03:23)

Tags: sand timer

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