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An Extremely Versatile HD/4K Video Downloader for Mac from Dimo

September 14, 2017 - Good news for those movie-buffs who want to download HD/4K movies from the Internet and view them on the television, phones, tablets, game consoles, VR headsets, etc. Dimo Video Converter Ultimate can help these folks achieve this aim. DimoSoft that offers this converter says that it is a versatile and must-download software.

They add that the Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac they are offering will help users so immensely that these users can bid adieu to all the multimedia issues on Mac. They can download and convert any HD/4K movie from the Internet and view it at one go without any hassles.

“This is one of the best 4K video downloader I seen in a while. It works just as described. It hasn’t frozen my apple computer since I been using it. I highly recommend this software if you are into grabbing online movies even 4K from YouTube. Works great. Buy this software don’t worry you won’t be disappointed”, says Suresh Parmar, a delighted customer.

According to reviewers, this 4K Video Converter for Mac is one of the best Mac 4K Ultra HD Video Converter apps that help in converting 4K videos to commonly-used video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, 3GP, WMV, etc. It can convert other SD/HD videos on MacOS 10.13/10.12 as well.

It ensures that the quality of the videos is not robbed in any way, and the MacOS High Sierra Video Converter does its job 50 times faster at the same time. What’s more, the free media server plugin lets users to share downloaded or converted 4K videos to mobile devices from their computer hard drive on Mac (OS Sierra) wirelessly.

The software even comes with more than 180 ready presets suitable for the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Game Console, VR, online websites, video editors, etc. Users can customize the output resolutions according to the size they want. DimoSoft assures that there will not be any compatibility issue even while downscaling 4K to 1080P, 720P and smaller sizes for playing, editing, and sharing 4K videos.

The most surprising thing is that DimoSoft recently announced 1st Anniversary Special Offer where users can get free offers and discounts up to 65% OFF big discount.

About Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:
Dimo Video Converter Ultimate can help users who want to download HD/4K movies from the Internet and view them on the television, phones, tablets, game consoles, VR headsets, etc. This movie downloader is a versatile and must-download software. It assists customers so immensely that they can bid adieu to all the multimedia issues on Mac, so they can download any HD/4K movie from the Facebook, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. and view it without any hassles.

Media Contact:
Company: DimoSoft
Tel. No.: +86-185-6886 5261
Address: 1st Floor NO.1699, Zuchongzhi South Road, Kunshan, China


Post by alex0621 (2017-09-15 04:43)

Tags: 4K Video Converter for Mac

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Discount Canvas Prints Offers Various Canvas Prints for Sale through Its Online Store

September 12, 2017 - For people looking for superior minimalist, Nordic or any other type of canvas prints, Discount Canvas Prints is a one-stop source. The company brings canvases in a wide range of themes, such as abstract, transportation, sports, animals, portrait, nature, landscape, minimalist, urban and planet earth. There are some of the best canvas prints from TV and movies as well.

Customers can get various types of prints, such as Abstract Buddha, Geometric Styled Nordic Print, Stunning Ocean Landscape, Geometric Styled Nordic Print, Silhouette Soldiers with American Flag, Nordic Style Landscape, Silhouette Soldiers with American Flag, Geometric Minimalist Artwork or Banksy Black & White Art. The high grade canvas prints can easily match museum quality.

There is also Banksy Black & White Art, 3 Piece Deer Graffiti Canvas, 5 Piece Conor McGregor Canvas, McGregor vs Mayweather and other popular canvas pieces that can be purchased online from the store. There are canvas photo prints, big canvas prints, canvas art prints and even custom canvas prints that can be purchased from this online store.

The business has opened up its brand new store, and is presently stocking up new products. There is free shipping offered on every purchase. The products are offered at a discount of 40% or more. Customers can enjoy various types of currency options, such as Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound Sterling and Euro. There is also the option to pay for the canvas prints online via American Express, Apple Pay, Master Card or Visa.

About Discount Canvas Prints:
Discount Canvas Prints is a new canvas printing business that offers superior canvas pieces at affordable rates. All the prints are extremely high quality in form and can satisfy the needs of various types of customers quite easily.

For more details and further enquiries, please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-09-14 06:39)

Tags: canvas photo prints big canvas prints

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LED Light Expert Offers Bright, Durable & Affordable LED Light Bulbs to Customers in San Diego

San Diego, CA September 11, 2017 - LED Light Expert is known for its wide range of readymade and custom LED lighting solutions. The store, based in San Diego, offers a wide variety of LED Light Bulbs, which are perfect for kitchen, parking lot, bathroom, gym and many other areas. It has bright LED bulbs on offer for local customers, which are durable and come with competitive price tags.

Most customers, whether it comes to residential or commercial establishment owners, are opting for LED light fixtures. These are seen as more illuminating, energy-efficient and affordable in form, and can last for more time. LED Light Expert has an entire range of lighting products that can be used as parking lot lights, or even for other areas.

The store has all types of LED lights for buyers, whether it comes to retrofit kits or corn bulbs, and buyers can be spoilt with the many options on offer. Consumers can choose from plenty of sizes and shapes, and not have to stick to only a handful of products offered to them by LED light makers. They can find lights in different colors, and these offer a brighter shine than standard bulbs and lights. These have more lifespan and efficiency, and can be ideal for all types of establishments and in all areas, including living room, bathroom or kitchen.

There are flood lights, UFO lights and various other lighting products to match the taste and budget of all types of buyers. Each light is designed and built to last for as long as possible, and offer the brightest illumination. Consumers can buy the lights with durable casings, which can protect them from all types of weather conditions – excessive heat, rain or snow.

Whether parking lot or high bay lights, each lighting product offers brighter and clearer illumination. These are eco-friendly illuminants and can offer cleaner light, at a fraction of the cost of illumination of traditional fluorescent or incandescent lights. Such types of lights are available at a lower cost. Buyers can avail them in different lumens. There are lights in 14,400 lumens as well as in higher illumination, such as 61,000 lumens. These are capable of offering more light and making residential, commercial and even industrial spaces more vibrant, clearly visible and more prominent.

About LED Light Expert:
LED Light Expert is a name to reckon with in San Diego, CA that has in offer a wide assortment of LED lighting solutions, such as street lights, ceiling lights or ceiling lights, and even bulbs. Its official online store aims to make the entire purchase experience more seamless and hassle-free for consumers. It is a completely insured and certified company.

For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Rick Rodgers
Phone no: 858-215-1401


Post by alex0621 (2017-09-14 05:49)

Tags: LED Light Bulbs parking lot lights high bay lights

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Movers Santa Monica Offers Professional Grade Moving Service at Santa Monica

Santa Monica (September 13, 2017) – Mover Santa Monica is a professional moving company functioning with the motto of offering efficient, affordable, and reliable moving service. The company believes that no job is too big and no household is too small. So, they give utmost care to each and every moving project they get from their customers.

This Santa Monica Moving Company has customers as their utmost priority. So, their satisfaction is considered the best reward by the company. So, they customize their moving service as per the needs of their customers. On each and every step on their way, they keep their customers in their mind and they make the move accordingly.

These movers Santa Monica is a full-service moving company that offers professional moving service both for commercial and residential moving needs. They are known for their affordable moving service without any hidden cost in their pricing. These Santa Monica Movers help businesses, families, and individuals from any part of Santa Monica to any part of Los Angeles area and they also offer long-distance moving service.

About Movers Santa Monica:
This moving company Santa Monica will give advanced counseling to any person planning a residential or business move.

For more information, please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-09-13 18:52)

Tags: movers Santa Monica Santa Monica Movers

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Affordable Los Angeles Movers Offers Licensed Full-Service Moving Service

Downtown, Los Angeles (September 13, 2017) – For homeowners and tenants looking to move their storage units, dorms, townhouses, condominiums, houses, and apartments can get the best residential moving service from Affordable Los Angeles Movers.

Not just for residential moving, but also owners of commercial establishments looking for commercial moves like business equipment, gyms, events, hotels, stores, warehouses and offices can get the best help from the licensed full-service Moving Service Called Affordable Los Angeles movers.

This company is known for the affordable moving service among the many moving companies in Los Angeles. The company is specialized both in local and long-distance moves. Irrespective of whether they will have to deal with the heavy traffic in Los Angeles or an intense heat-wave, they have the skilled workforce to handle the situations in an efficient and effective manner.

About Affordable Los Angeles Movers:
Affordable Los Angeles Movers with their expertise in Los Angeles Moving was established in the year 2005. They follow the best moving strategies to make sure that their workers can perform at their best under any situation. Their main focus is to serve their customers at the best. This moving company in Los Angeles is licensed by the Public Utility Commission with a 5-star rating on Yelp.

For more information, please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-09-13 18:22)

Tags: Los Angeles movers Los Angeles Moving

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Calabasas Classic Run 2017 To Be Held In November

Calabasas, California (September 12, 2017) - Coldwell Banker Calabasas and Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center joined hands with Cookies for Kids' Cancer to present the Calabasas Classic Run, a community fitness event on Sunday, November 12th, 2017. The race is a grand celebration of Community, Fun and Fitness. Featuring 5k and 10k run courses, 5k/10k combo race and a 1-mile Fun Run. The run courses are going to explore the beautiful scenic roads of Calabasas. This course is Certified and Sanctioned by USATF. Both competitive as well as non-competitive runners can enjoy this challenging race course that ends with a great post-run party expo celebrating all the participants. Featuring food trucks, stretches and massages, kids’ fun zone, free giveaways and raffles, vendors and community organizations along with guest appearance (TBD) by American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff.

Community Center Alliance is organizing this race as a fundraiser event for the programs, services and activities provided at Agoura Hills / Calabasas Community Center. Participants should pick up their race packets prior to the race day, on Friday, November 10 between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm and Saturday, November 11 between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm at Kings Fish House at The Commons. All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

About Calabasas Classic Run:
The Calabasas Classic Run is a community health and fitness event that is going to be held in Calabasas, California. The event is being organized by the Community Center Alliance Director, Annemarie Flaherty, board members Patti Mardell, Matt Heller and Heath Patton along with Debbie Polakov, Cookies for Kids Cancer rep and Tiffany Kennedy of Coldwell Banker Calabasas.   

To sign up and more information, please visit and

Patti Mardell or Annemarie Flaherty
Phone: (818) 222-0023
(818) 880-2993


Post by alex0621 (2017-09-13 15:50)

Tags: Calabasas Classic Run

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Egsun Electrical Co Ltd Now Becomes China’s Leading Producer & Manufacturer Of Wiring Products

Zhejiang, China (September 13, 2017) -  Offering the best quality wiring accessories and products within the modest rates, Egsun Electrical Co.,Ltd now stands as the most reliable and sought-after provider of these products in China. In its present standing, the company is not only catering to the domestic market in China, but, is among the major exporters from China.

This company was established in the year 2003 and since then, the company has been working seamlessly to produce the best quality products, offering these products within the most reasonable rates. Thus, the products like push mount cable ties, push mount zip ties and other allied products from this company enable the buyers to win the deals on the aspects of product quality as well as the price. No wonder, the products and solutions from this company, enjoys a massive demand in the international and global market.

This company complies with the global quality management standard and thus, buyers are assured to get such products that will comply with the global specifications. In addition to the standard products, the company has got the expertise to customize the standard products as per the needs and requirements of the buyers. Thus, approaching this company, buyers are assured to get an instant solution to their needs.

“For us, nothing is more important than the satisfaction of the customers and we are ready to walk those extra miles it might take to accomplish this objective. It will be especially relevant to state that we have reached an almost 100  rate of customer satisfaction and in our opinion, this is the point that differentiates us from other providers. We have got the reputation for offering the most delightful and extensive support services to our customers that makes us all the more reliable to them”, stated the spokesperson of the company.

About Egsun Electrical Co Ltd:
Egsun Electrical Co Ltd is a China-based manufacturer and exporter of wiring accessories and allied products, serving the domestic and international market.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Company Name: Egsun Electrical Co.,Ltd
Address: No.9, EGS Mansion, Shangmiao manufacturing district,Liushi,Yueqing,Zhejiang,China
Tel: (86-577)62278720


Post by alex0621 (2017-09-13 14:56)

Tags: push mount cable ties push mount zip ties

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Hila Hadar Stroller Organizer Bag Creating a Buzz Can Be Bought from Amazon

September 11, 2017 - A stroller organizer, the Hila Hadar Stroller Organizer Bag with Extra Storage in Zebra Black And White Color scoring high in every department ranging from look, features and functionality can be picked up from Amazon, the globally renowned online marketplace. It comes with enough storage space, and can be used to transport baby cloths, wipes, carry diapers as well as personal stuffs like baby’s bottle, drinks, purses, cell phones, keys and more.

The purpose of the stroller organizer ensures that busy people do not need to carry big and heavy baby bags, and loose enough time to prepare them. It has sufficient room for the minimum belongings that parents wish to take along them while stepping out for a few hours with the stroller.

The stroller organizer can let parents stay home after coming back from work or go with their baby for a walk to the park. It is the best one to go out with for a few hours. The space within the bag allows convenient access to objects. The organizer is able to fit most of the strollers on the market that are available with handles and bars. It is made of sturdy, strong Neoprene and Nylon material.

The bag is insulated, resilient, durable and flexible. It is available with reinforced Velcro straps, which allows the bag to contain as much as 6 to 8 pounds. The straps let the organizer be removed from the stroller easily, and in a very hassle free manner. It is durable in form, and can be handed over to relatives as a gift.

The stroller organizer is a stylish and an elegant model. It has been designed in white and zebra black colors, and this makes it look fashionable, elegant and stylish. The organizer is designed for every parent who feels young in mind and heart. It is long- lasting and can serve the needs of busy parents for a long time to come.

About Hila Hadar Stroller Organizer Bag with Extra Storage Zebra in Black And White Color:
A new Hila Hadar Stroller Organizer Bag with Extra Storage Zebra Black And White Color, the stroller organizer is available at the top-rated marketplace Amazon. With ample storage space, it is a great one for doting parents looking for perfect and baby-care organized solutions. It can be picked up from Amazon at amazing rates!

To know more and buy,


Post by alex0621 (2017-09-13 05:52)

Tags: Hila Hadar Stroller

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Olsha Express Ranks High In Offering Professional Sanford Airport Transportation Services

Sanford, September 11, 2017 - Olsha Express has earned a name in its niche by offering punctual, professional and personalized door-to-door Sanford airport taxi services from the Sanford Airport (SFB) to several areas. It covers a wide network of areas anywhere in Florida, including Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld, Orlando, the Convention Center and the list is exhaustive. The chauffeurs are highly trained to offer impeccable services to individuals, couples, families and their revered customers taking a ride in groups. Olsha Express has a large fleet of vehicle starting from swanky SUVs, sedans, passenger vans and the like. This airport transportation company strives hard to offer perfect private airport transfer services in the best vehicles. Olsha Express also pampers customer with transportation services letting them to go out of town, hassle-free.

The chauffeurs of Olsha Express are trained to be at their professional best when serving clients and offering Sanford airport transportation services. The chauffeurs reach airport before time and a customer is offered a warm welcome as the chauffeur holds a sign board with the last name of the customer written on it. Then the baggage of a customer is taken care off to reach the Olsha Express vehicle parking spot while the customer is offered a rejuvenating drink when the luggage is made to sit nicely on the car.

With the urge to prioritize client satisfaction, Olsha Express offers premium services and walk that extra mile like offering free child car seats when families go for a ride. From cleanliness to offering customers with a seamless ride amidst the best of facilities, Olsha Express is a reliable name with staffs who swear by the ethics of this top-rated Sanford airport shuttle service provider. In order to enjoy the best transportation service, all customers need is to book vehicle well in advance at the most affordable rates!

About Olsha Express:
Olsha Express has been serving clients with complete professionalism and punctuality while offering premium Sanford airport transportation services to its customers. It is backed by a team of extremely friendly and courteous chauffeurs who make clients of Olsha Express real happy with the services delivered at the most reasonable rates.

To know more, click

Olsha Express
Phone 1(407)881-0189


Post by alex0621 (2017-09-13 05:00)

Tags: Sanford airport transportation

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FLiFLi Comes with Smart Drone that is AI-enabled

New Jersey, United States, September 11, 2017 - FLiFLi, a team passionate about drones and based in NJ, US, is working on ORCA - an intelligent drone that is enabled with AI and is voice-controlled. Highly enthusiastic about drones and specialists in product design, hardware and software, the company aims to narrow down the gap between the newest AR and AI technology with products such as this superior drone. It has kickstarted a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to finance its project.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to make this amazing project see the light of the day, and ensure its usage by a wider section of users around the world. The drone is an attempt of FLiFLi to provide the drone industry with superior technology at an affordable cost, and bring a revolution. For people who like to get the feel of JARVIS from Iron Man, this AI drone can make users experience the joy of flying in the sky. The ORCA drone comes with smart HUD and fantastic 360º Augmented Reality viewing capabilities.

The voice-controlled AI lets users talk to the drone and instruct it only by speaking. It can be controlled and flown in an intelligent way. With the aid of an Auto-Pilot System, the drone can be operated with success and made to obey all the commands offered by users. The drone can understand and recognize voice commands and then carry out the necessary actions.

About FLiFLi’s Smart Drone Project:
With simple voice instructions, the ORCA drone can be flown to various destinations; its altitude can be reduced or raised, and made to return to its original location. Its 360º AR Screen displays various types of information like weather condition, velocity, altitude and GPS through the Internet. Users can view the perspective of pilots while flying this drone.

For more details and further enquiries, please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-09-12 18:29)

Tags: Smart Drone

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