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Khaled AL Badie - An Icon At Al Badie Group of Companies

Dubai (October 03, 2017) – For youngsters looking for a role model in their life, they can take Mr. Khaled Al Badie as a role model to succeed in their life. Al Badie Group is a popular name in the United Arab Emirates and he is presently in the Vice President of the Al Badie Group. In fact, he has reached this position after holding many other positions in the group even though he is a member of the Al Badie family, which owns the group.

Not just in the ABG or Al Badie Group, he has held many key positions in the banking sector and other financial investment domains. When it comes to his role in the Banking Sector, he has worked for the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) and he has held the following crucial positions with the bank:

    Head of the Asset Management Group
    Deputy General Manager of the Investment Banking Division and
    The Secretary of the Board of Directors

As far as Mr. Khaled’s role in the ABG is concerned, he joined the group and began playing an active role right from the early stages of his career. Now, he is at the managerial level of the group. But he was not directly promoted to this position, due to his hard work for the development of the group, he has reached this position.

He holds many respectable positions now at the Al Badie Group in addition to being the Vice President of the Al Badie Group.

About Khaled Al Badie:
Mr. Khaled Al Badie did a special course in Political Science from Richmond University at England. He also has a BA in Dual specializations in economy and business management from Chapman University at California, USA. Further, he has his MSF in Financial Management from the George Washington University.

For more information, please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-17 06:29)

Tags: Khaled Al Badie

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America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc: Connecting the Resources of the US and China

China Economic Net On September 29, the America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc. signed a strategic alliance agreement with China Common People Holding Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou, Richope Co., Ltd. in Nansha, Guangzhou, reaching a cooperative intention in the areas of warehousing, logistics, cross-border e-commerce in terms of promoting the settling of commodity distribution center of the US 50 States in Nansha.

China's total imports will reach US$ 8 trillion in the next five years.
In this context, America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc proposed to settle the Commodity Distribution Center of the US 50 States in Nansha and actively promoted the implementation of the project.

Li Qiang, the Chairman of the Board of the America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc. pointed out that the project is to respond to the call of the 2017 Guangdong Business Conference to enhance the construction of an open economy in Guangdong, actively promote foreign investment and play the role of overseas Guangdong business. The Chamber of Commerce would actively promote the settling of distribution center 50 states in Nansha.

Nansha is conducive to international commodity distribution, starting from the cross-border electricity business.
Cao Shenghua, Secretary-General of America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc, believes that Nansha, as China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, is conducive to regional enterprises to carry out international and domestic trade, forming mutual promotion mechanism between domestic and foreign trade, highlighting the advantages of its airports, ports, water ports and first-class ports as well as a huge third-party market docking, combined with the advantages of Central European Railway Distribution Center (Chongqing, Chengdu).

According to his ideas, after the settling of the US 50 states commodity distribution center, it will start from the cross-border e-commerce to set up an e-commerce platform that allows American small and medium enterprises to interact with Chinese consumers under the help of national big data center, at the same time, to connect with the US market and resources from the neighborhood of Chinese communities in America. The Chamber hopes to expand the all-round exchange and cooperation of the third-party market countries, including the 50 states of the US, to implement a right "the belt and road initiative" which mixes PPP international win-win cooperation.

The America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce Inc was established in April 2015, headquartered in New York, the United States, aiming at promoting the economic cooperation of Chinese communities in the countries along "the belt and road initiative". Promoted by the Chamber of Commerce and the local government, the Chinese commodity distribution center has settled in Elizabeth port free trade area in Newark, the United States successfully. (Zou Xilan, Wu Suwen)


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-17 04:34)

Tags: China Economic Net

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Laurel McHargue, the Award-Winning Author Establishes the Leadville Literary League for Fundraising

October 16, 2017 - Author Laurel McHargue, who was the founder of Leadville Literary League, was once asked how she plans to help with the restoration of a classic 1800s opera house based in her old and historic mining town. Initially, she was not sure as to how she might find support from others for her idea. She decided to ask one of her friends whether she would find it okay to be photographed to aid a calendar project. When she found that her friend was willing to be a part of the calendar project, she was encouraged by the idea that maybe other women also find the idea intriguing.   

Initially, McHargue had no idea as to how many of the local women would likely respond to this proposal. In fact, many of the local women also told her that they would not want to see the calendar project seeing the light of day. However, once the author managed to speak with some of them privately, she saw that many of them were considering the idea to be a part of it. Elise Sunday, the owner of the Fire on the Mountain agreed to be the photographer for the Leadville Literary League calendar project. She believed that the project would bring much joy to others and therefore she readily agreed. Karen Onderdonk, the Director and Producer with Indigo Media Arts happily produced a stunning video trailer for the project along with a short documentary that explored the making of this one of a kind calendar.

of the calendar's models suggested “Leadville Antiques: Uncovered” as a motto because all of the women in the calendar (except for the December photo, in which some younger models were gifted with a place on stage at the Tabor) are age 50 and older, and in the spirit of the original 2003 film "Calendar Girls," they’ve all agreed to be photographed tastefully uncovered.

"In several of the photos, we mix uncovered with fully covered, sometimes in Victorian garb," said McHargue, "bringing together the present and the past. We live in a town where men aren't the only rule breakers and risk takers!"

About Leadville Literary League:
Leadville Literary League is a nonprofit company that is all set to launch its first major project, a 2018 calendar that is made for supporting of the restoration efforts for historic Tabor Opera House Preservation Foundation. The Leadville’s 2018 Calendar Girls, "Leadville Antiques: Uncovered" gathers inspiration from 2003 movie "Calendar Girls."

For more information, please visit  


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-17 03:36)

Tags: Leadville Literary League

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Global Asia Printings Provides Matchless Corporate Gift Printing Services at Very Reasonable Costs

Singapore, October 16, 2017 - Global Asia Printings, the top-notch corporate gift printing company based in Singapore, aims at providing fast and efficient, corporate gift printing services at affordable rates to different corporate houses and business customers based in Singapore. The gift printing service provider was set up with the mission to be the most efficient and reliable t-shirt and corporate gift provider in Singapore. Their super-efficient, flexible and easy printing services for the corporate houses are well acknowledged and popular, and are equipped to provide clients with hassle-free services. It has been helping brands to give a boost to their brand image, unquestioningly.

This company has the most cutting-edge and advanced range of gift printing services such as Silkscreen, Digital Transfer, Direct-to-Garment Printing, Dye Sublimation, Vinyl Printing, Embroidery, Emboss and Offset Printing for your Corporate Gifts or Your T-shirt Printing needs.

Global Asia Printings works with the utmost motto to help client achieve corporate identity with the most suitable products. The business houses can brief the creative team about the types of products they would want as the brief the management of the business houses are encouraged to offer outlines of their customized designs that they wish to achieve. This top-rated printing agency have gift items ranging from bags, drinkwares, gift sets, IT and gadgets, stationaries, travel products, so on and so forth.  These products can be personalized by the clients and customers according to their requirements and specifications.

The gifts are offered to the clients at the most affordable rates, with exciting seasonal offers and benefits to splurge on. These are crafted by the dexterous team of designers and craftsmen who have age old experience in this field with access to the advanced range of equipments and unmatched expertise. Apart from the cost effective gifting solutions, this company also makes sure to complete the work within the mentioned deadline with proficiency and care.

The t-shirts that the corporates or bulk buyers can get from here are very high in quality apart from the stylistic elements they are infused with. These tees are made of high quality materials vouching on the aspects of moisture wicking properties, breathability and comfort. Hence, the team of Global Asia Printings also makes sure to engage in the best printing techniques that are durable and very eye-catching too.

The Global Asia Printings also provides the best customer care service to the client to offer them the most seamless experience while availing their services. The help desk is always at their service to resolve all their issues, and listen to their complaints and feedback without any delay.

About Global Asia Printings:
Global Asia Printings, the leading corporate gift printing company based in Singapore offers cutting edge services on customized printing services on gift items. The experts and trained creative team are proficient in giving the most awe-inspiring facilities to the customers who are in need of personalized t-shirts of corporate gift items.

To know more, click  

Media Contact:
Global Asia Printings
65 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 1 #04-47
Singapore 408729


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-16 16:02)

Tags: Corporate Gift Printing Services

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The Silk Secrets Come Up With An Inexhaustible Collection On Sexy Lingerie At The Modest Rates

16th October 2017 - To the delight of the fashionable ladies, looking for the sexy lingerie comes up The Silk Secrets, with an inexhaustible portfolio of superlative grade and the most sensational private apparels. Offering a plethora of products under one-roof, the launch of this website will simplify the task of ladies to find such products.

The private garments are integral part of one’s fashion statement. More importantly, these apparels give a proper shape and size to the body. Understanding this, the modern, stylish women keep looking for the most fashionable lingerie. In those instances, they can refer to this provider for getting an instant solution to their needs, irrespective of the size, design, style and color of the undergarments that they might look for.

The USP of this provider is going to be its inventory of high quality products that feature the most sizzling appearance. These products are crafted with flawless perfection, using the finest grade material. Hence, it stands assured that these apparels will offer the ultimate comfort to the wearer. Understanding the aspiration of the modern ladies for the sexy lingerie, the provider has come up with an inexhaustible collection, within the most reasonable rates that will enable the buyers to win the deals on the aspect of product quality as well as the price.

“Our aim is to going to make it easier for the ladies to find the finest grade of lingerie. In addition, we have pledged to make these products economical, so that buyers never find difficulties in affording these products. For us, nothing is going to get more importance, than the satisfaction of the buyers. Our customers can expect to get the most transparent policies in return & refund and we are offering free shipping, on orders exceeding 50 Dollars”, stated the spokesperson.

About The Silk Secrets:
The Silk Secrets happens to be a recently launched brand of sexy lingerie for women. Please visit their website for more information.


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-16 15:17)

Tags: Lingerie

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Charlie Purple: A Renowned Author Announces The Launch Of A New Book Titled Basaclanca On Amazon.Com

Charles Purple, a British based prolific and intuitive writer are delighted to announce the launch of his new, bestselling and exciting book titled Basaclanca on The literary work is an epitome of extensive sci-fi comedy, which draws comparisons between alternative comedy from the late seventies and the milder computer driven comedy of the modern times. On the face of it, this modern classic looks just like a story where a team of misfits tries to save a princess from a thoroughly despicable witch, but the humour conveyed in achieving this task is hilarious and captivating.

“The captivating and innovative book takes the reader into a literary world full of contradictions, clichés and biting random humour, but also contains artificial intelligence technology for the first time”, stated Charles Purple. “It will nudge you politely whenever you miss superior humor, and zap you with approximately 40000 volts if you do not laugh at all. Basaclanca is a consistently funny and creative work of ingenuity with a storyline so compelling, you have to keep reading”.

Since its launch on the; the book has caused a razing fire in the literary world, leading to numerous customer purchases, positive reviews and referrals.  According to one of the purchasers, Karen E Proctor, “The literary piece is totally surreal at times and very funny. Basaclanca grabbed me from the opening pages and kept me hooked all the way through. The literary masterpiece also had me thinking about the choices we make and how different choices, influences and settings could lead to radically different outcomes. Basaclanca is a great read and British Humour at its most original.

According to Book Viral an online book review service; “Basaclanca is a very British and wonderfully amusing science fiction adventure that is guaranteed to win converts from both sides of the pond; it is an absolute gem! One that brings a refreshingly original perspective to the genre with Purple’s whimsical, quirky sense of humour inducing as many laugh out loud moments as there are pages. With a light-of-touch satire and richly nuanced characterization, there is dark humour wonderfully interwoven with witty dialogue and these alone are reasons to turn the pages, but the real jewel here is Purple's rapier sharp imagination”.

Charlie Purple
38, Spenser Road
Herne Bay
Book promotion
01227219756 (UK) +44


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-16 14:26)

Tags: Basaclanca

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Name: Email: Site: Offers the Excellent Opportunity for Prospective Homebuyers to Find New Home

Westlake Village, CA (October 12, 2017) – It is the dream for many breadwinners in families to buy a dream home. However, this is not a simple and easy decision. A lot of processes of involved. These things become hard, particularly for the first time homebuyers. They can get the best guides from Housevaluestore.

In addition to providing details about the homes for sale in Westlake Village, the website also provides complete details about the homes for rent and local bargains available. Not just local listing, people can find nationwide listing as well from the website of housevaluestore at

The homes for sale are displayed on this website along with complete details about value, age, etc. This means that it will be easier for prospective buyers to carry out a comparative shopping. Complete details about homes for sale along with the number of foreclosures in the area, the number of rentals available with the highest and lowest average value of the property is clearly listed on the website to help homebuyers.

Housevaluestore also has a lending center with a mortgage, and refinance calculator. The company aims at providing the best home valuations and real estate search experience for sellers and buyers respectively.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Sales/Support: (800) 379-2950
General Support:
Technical Support:
Billing Support:
Mailing Address: 5701 Lindero Canyon Rd., Suite 1-204
Westlake Village, CA 91362


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-16 13:39)

Tags: homes for sale

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Search-Wire.Com offers the best Real Estate Leads for Realtors at California

Westlake Village, CA (October 12, 2017) – In the present situation, most prospective homebuyers begin their search online when it comes to shopping for the suitable property. They also do this through their mobile phone applications. At the early stage in the process of home shopping, most homebuyers are not aware of the needs to invest in a property. So, people in California rely on a trusted brand like Search Wire to get all the information they need in the purchasing cycle.

Search Wire in addition to providing the best information they need for prospective home shoppers, also offers lead generation service for real estate companies. In addition to acting as real estate leads providers, the company also offers refinance leads for finance companies.

In other words, Search Wire acts as an excellent bridge between homebuyers, finance companies and also real estate companies. All these groups can get the best help from Search Wire for their business. For instance, homebuyers can get the best information they look for about the best realtors. Similarly, finance companies will get mortgage leads. In the same way, real estate companies will also gain the leads that are essential for them to grow their business. Once the leads are generated, they can use the best marketing techniques to turn them into their customers.

About Search Wire LLC:
Search Wire is rapidly growing business prepared to an industry leader in the real estate technology and also in B2B web services.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Name - Thomas Paderson
Call: 800-379-2950
Fax: 800-595-3219
Address: 5701 Lindero Canyon Road #1-204, Westlake Village CA 91362


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-16 12:17)

Tags: real estate leads providers

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24 HR Discount Taxi Of Sanford Offers Fast Cab Booking Services To Customers in Florida

Sanford, Florida (October 15, 2017) - Reputed Florida-based cab service provider 24 HR Discount Taxi of Sanford offers fast and easy cab booking services to customers. For customers who need to book transportation from Sanford Airport to Port Canaveral and other areas, the cab agency can be the best option.

The company is known for its friendly and affordable transportation services to customers. Anyone who wants to have a pickup by cab from the Sanford airport can easily place requests by text messages, website or email. The agency offers cab services to Daytona Beach, Disney, Sea World, Port Canaveral and many other areas.

24 HR Discount Taxi of Sanford has a good presence on major online platforms like Google+, Facebook and Yellow Pages. The company allows riders to book transportation from Sanford Airport to Disney World through its website, which is simple and easily navigable.

The cab agency has friendly and polite drivers having complete knowledge of local thoroughfares and roads, and can take the shortest route to or from airports and other destinations. It has a fleet of sedans and other high quality cars that are hygienic and can help passengers to feel very comfortable during their rides.

Passengers can get optimal comfort and safe rides with 24 HR Discount Taxi of Sanford, and can easily reach their home, airport or a preferred destination easily on time. This is an affordable agency, and customers can find the cab services easy on their pockets.

About 24 HR Discount Taxi Of Sanford:
24 HR Discount Taxi Of Sanford is a cab company based in Florida that offers round the clock cab cervices to passengers in Disney, Sea World and other locations. Customers can easily book transportation from Sanford Airport to Daytona Beach with this agency.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
24 HR Discount Taxi Of Sanford
Phone no: 407-881-0189


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-16 08:03)

Tags: book transportation from Sanford Airport to Disney World

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Kokopelli Inn Offers Accommodation Along With an Attractive List of Outdoor Activities at Estes Park

Estes Park, CO (October 14, 2017) – Estes Park is a town located in the Northern Colorado. The town is known as a base of the rocky mountain national park. She is also the place for rare wildlife like bears and elk. She is also known for her miles of trails.

For a comfortable stay at Estes Park, tour makers can choose Kokopelli Inn. Not just a comfortable stay, the inn also offers the opportunity for an excellent set of outdoor activities in this town. The inn offers different types of rooms like Kokopelli queen suite, whispering pine king suite, Kachina – Queen Suite, and dream catcher room. Each of these rooms is offered to the guests with facilities like hair dryer, coffee pot, microwave and small refrigerator. Many other facilities are also offered.

For holidaymakers interested in outdoor activities, Kokopelli Inn offers the right atmosphere and facilities for different activities. Guests will be taken to Emerald lake trail, Dream Lake, Nymph Lake, and Bear Lake. The son of the owners of this inn is trained and he has traveled to many destinations with backpacking, climbing and hiking in extreme conditions. So, he will offer the best Backpacking Guides In Mary’s Lake and Trail running in Mary’s Lake. He accompanies and guides the guests to ensure them the best experience at Estes Park.

About Kokopelli Inn:
Kokopelli is run by a couple Byron and Theresa Lea. They bought this inn in December 2015 and from there on, they have been giving everything to make this inn the best place for tourmakers to spend their days at Estes Park.

For additional information, please visit

Media Contact:
Kokopelli Inn
6777 E. Highway 36
Estes Park, CO 80517
Phone no: 970-586-4420


Post by alex0621 (2017-10-14 15:54)

Tags: Backpacking Guides In Mary’s Lake

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