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Saponified Presents Arctic Soap, a Natural Soap That Combines the Freshness of Lavender & Rosemary

Germany, (January 31, 2017) - Saponified is a natural soap manufacturing company based in Offenbach, Germany, that is known for producing soaps that are made out of 100% natural oils and butters. Recently, they have launched their new luxury product called the Arctic soap. A refreshing creation that is made by combining different nourishing oils. Made with a unique set of scents, the Arctic soap will energise and bring life to the mind and bodies of those using it. The essential oils used for its refreshing scent are peppermint, eucalyptus, with a slight hint of lemon, lavender, and rosemary. These ingredients together give the Arctic soap its characteristically refined yet invigorating smell. The wide range of superior oils used in this organic soap is also combined with cocoa butter which makes the soap perfect for all kinds of skin types.  

This handmade soap has a gorgeously blue shade that is enriched by aquamarine minerals. Using this soap to start the day can be a wonderful experience in itself. The Arctic soap is vegan and free from palm oil. All the ingredients used in it are blended by using the cold-process method; this helps to preserve the superior properties of these nourishing oils. The sweet almond oil used in this soap can heal chapped skin which makes it ideal for sensitive skin care. It has high content of oleic acid which can nourish and soothe the skin from within. The sweet almond oil used in Arctic soap is sourced from Italy and it does not contain harmful chemicals. Such features make Arctic soap a highly nourishing soap in its own right.

The response has been huge from the loyalists of Saponified and more and more buyers are queuing up to buy it. This Arctic soap is all poised to be a big hit for all those who are gifted with finer sensibilities and would love to indulge in soaking in a fresh luxurious experience while bathing.

About Saponified:
Saponified is a soap manufacturing company based in Offenbach, Germany, known for using only the best natural ingredients for creating soaps that nourish and replenish the minds and bodies of the users from within.  

To learn more about Saponified, visit

Company Name: Saponified
Address: Hermann-Steinhäuser-Straße 43-47, 63065 Offenbach (Germany)
Phone: +4917643867531


Post by alex0621 (2017-02-02 07:25)

Tags: handmade soap luxury soap sensitive skin care

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