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Sports Drink Mix Company Offers an Environmentally-Friendly Solution to Bottled Sports Drink

(July 25, 2017) - Founded by lifelong outdoor enthusiasts, HDX Hydration Mix was created to help those living the active lifestyle to stay hydrated while on-the-go. But everywhere we went, plastic waste got there first. This raised concerns about the increasing amount of plastic bottle waste in our landfills and oceans. As a purpose-driven brand, we continue to see the benefits of our environmentally friendly sports drink mix.

Less waste equals a cleaner environment.
There’s an increasing concern about the effect of plastic pollution in the seas around the world. Recently, scientists found approximately 18 tons of plastic on an unpopulated coral island in the South Pacific.

“The ocean is the most powerful economic engine on our planet,” said Vipe Desai, Founder of HDX. “Without a healthy ocean, there is no healthy planet, people or profits.”

Making better choices can help in reducing the amount of plastic waste we send to landfills in the form of plastic bottles. HDX uses the conscious capitalism model where we use our product to help consumers make better choices that reduce the impact on the planet.
HDX Mix offers an alternative solution for consumers who are looking for simple ways to reduce unnecessary plastic waste. Using powder in minimal packaging results in less waste and drastically reduced carbon footprint for both the brand and the consumer.

Today’s consumers are deeply concerned about issues facing our planet. As a result, they’re changing their buying habits in order to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. At HDX, we make the right choice easy, where what’s good for you is also good for the planet.

For more information, please visit us at


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-25 14:34)

Tags: Hydration Plastic waste Alternative solution

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