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Starr Has Posted a Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo for Their New Album 'Receive'

United States (September 08, 2017) – Starr has stated that their new album ‘receive’ is truly unique. The creators of this album both as individuals and as a family have faced a lot of struggles in their lives.

The struggles faced and also their conquests over those struggles are the inspiration for this music album. Their goal is to truly inspire and help others through their music. They believe that music is a powerful tool to heal. They have posted a campaign on Indiegogo requesting funds for mixing, mastering, CD manufacturing, vinyl pressing and also for marketing and promotion of this album.

The Starr Indie music creators have also shared that the funds generated will be used to pay the 8% processing fee for Indiegogo. Starr has stated that the contributions will help them concentrate on their music as against worrying about funds.

About ‘Receive’:
Starr is the creator of the new album ‘Receive’. The creators are parents of three children. They will have to work to support their family and they can schedule their work on the album between their work days and personal life. So, they seek help from people to start a movement of hope in love.

For more information, please visit


Post by alex0621 (2017-09-08 15:53)

Tags: Starr Indie music

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