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SWISS-QA Newly Released Dietrich Luxury Sport Men Watch at Amazon

Wangen Bei Olten (July 24, 2017) - Swiss-QA as their name implies is a quality assurance company. The company is mainly focused towards testing and rating the most popular products. They have recently launched a luxury Sport Men Watch at Amazon under the brand Dietrich.

Swiss-QA sells many products in Amazon not just under the brand name of Dietrich, but also in the name of Swiss-QA. As far as their new product at Amazon is concerned, this is a sports watch for men. This watch has a custom cut Sapphire glass and it has water-resistant feature for up to 50 meters. This watch comes with a double-layered, black nylon strap with black PVD buckle.

This Swiss automated watch from Swiss-QA has a round dial and it is an analog type watch. While the band color is black, the dial color is red to ensure easy visibility. This watch has a modified automatic mechanical movement.

About Swiss-QA:
Swiss-QA is a quality assurance company and the company is presently specialized in iPhone 6 accessories. They are specialists in testing the most used products. The company functions with the mission of offering people with an interdependent quality check for the products that are mostly used by them.

For more information please visit

Company is SWISS-QA
Contact address: Neumattstrasse 53 Wangen bei Olten 4612
Company's phone number +41 44 586 24 44


Post by alex0621 (2017-07-25 13:32)

Tags: swiss automated watch sports watch for men

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