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Wintop Capital Achieves New Standards in Healthcare Fund Services

SINGAPORE (January 09, 2017) – Wintop Capital, Singapore, has opened a new vista in the field of healthcare fund. Wintop Capital is a registered fund manager with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) founded by He Limin and Leong Mun Wai. Its flagship fund, Wintop Healthcare Fund, is focused primarily in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

The consultants of the company has years of experience in investment sector. It is led by people with top academic qualification and best in class industrial experience.

The company has various focus areas. Under risk focus, the target is consistent risk-adjusted returns of 15% p.a. with strong focus on risk rather than simply captivated by huge potential returns.

Under diversification, the company ensures diversification of risk by not investing more than 15% of total fund in any project. In Value Investing section, the company Focuses on companies that possess strong management and sound business model and seeks to add value through financial, operational and strategic advice. Cross-border arbitrage is another key focus area of Wintop. As part of this, it undertakes cross border investments to take advantage of valuation arbitrage and to encourage investee companies to capture scale and scope economies and to incorporate best practices. Apart from these, co-investment is another target area. The company seeks to Co-opt credible co-investors to provide a larger resource base to support the growth of investee companies.

Last but not the least, Wintop Capital focuses on portfolio synergy. Under this head, it seeks to build a portfolio of companies that have synergy among them and contribute to the success of the whole.

About Wintop Capital:    
Wintop Capital is a healthcare fund in Singapore with an objective to achieve long-term capital appreciation through investments in healthcare sector.

For more information, please visit

Company name: Wintop Capital
Owner Name: He Li Min
Full Address: 22 Cross Street #03-54/61 China Square Central, Singapore 048421
Phone and Fax: +65 63194186
Business Email:


Post by alex0621 (2017-01-13 13:05)

Tags: Singapore fund healthcare fund healthcare fund Singapore wintop capital

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